Founded in February 2001, Numismatic Conservation Services, LLC (NCS) is devoted to the growth and preservation of numismatics. As a leading authority in numismatic conservation, NCS experts are uniquely qualified to provide professional conservation services for dealers and collectors alike. With a pledge of integrity, impartiality and responsibility, NCS provides a service that serves to expand and enrich the hobby. The selection of NCS as the official conservation service of the American Numismatic Association and the Professional Numismatists Guild is further assurance of the integrity and quality of NCS services.

NCS accepts for evaluation all certified or raw coins, tokens and medals. NCS can remove contaminants such as PVC, soils, tarnish, carbon spots, verdigris and encrustation from the surface. NCS does not perform repairs or mechanical alterations of any kind. Removing detrimental material from the surface of an item may dramatically improve its appearance and eye appeal. This service is designed to further preserve the originality of the material only and prevent the damage that can result from contamination that is left untreated.

The NCS facilities were designed by conservation experts to provide an ideal environment for performing numismatic conservation procedures. With an advanced water filtration unit and specially designed ventilation system, NCS utilizes the necessary equipment to insure professional results.

NCS brings together a team of respected numismatic professionals with extensive experience in coin conservation techniques.

The NCS team includes:

Dave Camire

David Camire began collecting coins, like many of his generation, as a youth at the age of 13. Almost from the start, he acquired an interest in errors and varieties. The desire to ascertain the authenticity of errors and varieties led him to study the minting process. Today, David is considered an authority on mint errors and modern minting production. A key benefit of knowing the minting process is the ability to distinguish mint defects from damaged coins and establish a coin's authenticity.

To broaden his numismatic knowledge, he accepted a full-time numismatic position in 1989 with one of the largest coin companies. His employment with this company and others over the next decade allowed him to work with many of the industry's foremost authorities.

In 1999 he joined NGC which allowed him to gain a working knowledge of all the nuances of grading and interact with the top graders in the industry. This added knowledge and exposure helped him to hone his grading skills. NCS customers benefit from the depth of his numismatic knowledge and experience.

David has consulted for government agencies in the field of numismatics. He has also co-authored 100 Greatest U.S. Error Coins and has contributed to such numismatic publications as Coin World, COINage, Numismatic News, The Numismatist and the Red Book. David is an active volunteer at the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American History in helping to preserve the National Numismatic Collection.

Craig Fiumara
Director of Operations

Ex 148

Danielle Caffrey
Customer Service

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