NCS no longer offers grading and encapsulation for coins with detrimental surface conditions. This service has been replaced by NGC Details Grading.

Under this service, NGC performs the service of encapsulation for all coins that previously were eligible for NCS holders. Since NCS encapsulation services originated in 2001, the marketplace and collectability of coins with irreversible surface conditions has grown significantly, in part due to the widespread acceptance of the NCS encapsulation. The popularity of this service along with customer requests for a more fully integrated submission framework ultimately prompted NGC to assume this role.

The primary advantage of NCS encapsulation was that it helped us increase the scope of our efforts as a conservation service by providing industry-leading safe storage options. This function is now also performed by the NGC holder, which provides the best long-term storage option for certified coins. The innovative materials used in NGC’s holder were selected jointly by NGC and NCS for their archival properties. They were also independently tested by the Smithsonian Institution and are now used in the holder that houses the Smithsonian’s most valuable coins — a holder developed by NGC and NCS.

As always, all coins requiring conservation must be sent to NGC on an NGC/NCS Submission Form. After conservation, coins can be seamlessly transported to NGC for certification. It is not necessary to send coins with surface impairments to NCS for encapsulation only. Instead, they can be submitted to NGC directly. Coins will then automatically be graded either numerically (if they have acceptable surfaces) or with Details Grading, at the discretion of NGC's grading team.

NCS will continue to provide support and guarantee on existing NCS encapsulations, and these coins will remain eligible for the NGC Registry.

Additionally, NGC offers a NCS CrossOver service whereby coins already encapsulated by NCS can be NGC Details Graded for a fee.


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