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February 2003  
1. NCS Certifies American Colonial Coinage
2. Service Advisory - NCS Turnaround Times
3. NCS & NGC to Teach ANA Grading Seminar
4. Two Big Shows Only Weeks Away
5. Tell Us How We Are Doing



February 26 - March 1
Long Beach Coin & Collectibles Expo

Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, CA

March 13-15
Suburban Washington
/Baltimore Show

Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD

March 20-23
ANA World's Fair of Money

Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, NC


NCS Certifies American Colonial Coinage

Effective immediately, NCS will certify American colonial and confederation coins under its Authentication and Encapsulation Only service and Details Grading service.

Like its official grading service, NGC, NCS will certify colonial and confederation coins as listed in the pre-federal chapters of R.S. Yeoman's A Guide Book of United States Coins.

Fugio CoinUnder its Authentication and Encapsulation Only service level, NCS will attribute and encapsulate all colonials as genuine only. No grade will be provided on the label.

Under the NCS Details Grading service level for problem coins, each coin will be identified, authenticated and assigned a details grade and description of the detrimental surface condition, i.e. AU Details, Corroded. Authenticity is guaranteed and no "net" grade is assigned.

NCS only certifies "problem" coins in its details grade holder. Any coin submitted under the NCS Details Grading service level that is suitable for non-problem coin grading will be transferred to NGC on behalf of the submitter. All coins, regardless of condition, can be submitted for Authentication and Encapsulation.
NCS's encapsulation is the same size and shape as NGC's hermetically sealed holder.

For more information on NCS certification services, visit

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Service Advisory - NCS Turnaround Times

Ever since NCS first opened for business, it has tried to maintain a submission turnaround time of 10 business days depending on the amount of submissions on hand at any given time.

NCS does not operate on a tier system; rather the company processes submissions in the order that they are received, except in cases where an Expedite fee is charged at the request of the submitter. Clearly, with such a system, influxes in the number of submissions received can help in completing submissions well within the 10 days, while at other times NCS may occasionally exceed the projected time frame.

"For the most part, we feel we have done well in meeting our turnaround time, but with the increasingly strong coin market of late, we are seeing dramatic increases of submissions," said Brian Silliman, Assistant Director of Operations. "In certain cases, more difficult and involved conservation efforts have also resulted in extended turnaround times. However, we feel the time and effort spent with each submission regardless of declared value has benefited our submitters and enables us to provide unparalleled service and conservation of the absolute highest caliber."

Better understanding of NCS's projected 10 working day turnaround time can help submitters plan their future submissions. Dramatic increases in submissions are usually seen in the weeks prior to and immediately following most of the major coin shows, such as Long Beach, Central States, Baltimore, F.U.N. and ANA. As a result, NCS recommends that submitters plan for possible increases in submission turnaround times. For special submissions, where the submitter needs his or her coins returned a few days after submitting them, NCS recommends using its Expedite service. The Expedite service is an additional fee, but has an average turnaround time of 2 to 3 days.

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NCS & NGC to Teach ANA Grading Seminar

Numismatists from NCS and NGC will teach the ANA’s upcoming grading seminar in Charlotte, NC. Brian Silliman, NCS Assistant Director of Operations, and Jim Young, Senior Grader at NGC, have been selected to teach the ANA grading seminar, which will be held prior to the Charlotte Convention in March.

The ANA has solicited the assistance of NGC grading experts ever since NGC was selected as the ANA's official grading service. With both NGC and NCS affiliated with the ANA, both companies will supply instructors for the seminar.

Over the last few years, NGC grading experts such as Mark Salzberg, Ken Krah, Jim Young, Bill Conroy and Alex Moulinos have offered their expertise at either the ANA’s pre-convention grading seminars or Summer Seminars. "Skip" Fazzari, Senior Conservator with NCS, has also taught the seminar on many occasions. Brian Silliman has taught the ANA grading seminar for the last five years.

The grading seminar will be held in Charlotte, NC, on March 18-20, immediately prior to the convention. Students will learn about original surfaces, how to spot improperly cleaned coins, surface alterations and enhancements, and the basics of the minting process, followed by intensive hands-on examination of the ANA grading set of NGC and NCS certified coins.

The grading sets, which consist of several thousand coins of virtually every type and grade in mint state and proof, were certified by NGC, while the "problem coins" were recently certified by NCS in its new Details Grading encapsulation.

The class is beneficial to both novice and advanced collectors and dealers. For more information, contact the ANA's Education Department.

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Two Big Shows Only Weeks Away

The biggest of the late winter, early spring shows are only weeks away. The Suburban Washington/Baltimore Show will be held March 13-16, followed a week later by the ANA's Charlotte Convention, which will be held March 20-22.

With the strength of the coin market these last few months, these shows are expected by most to be very strong. As a result, now is the time to get your submissions ready.

As always, we will make your job easier, especially in light of recent changes in policy concerning carry-on luggage, and deliver your conserved and graded coins to the convention. To ensure your submission gets there in time, you should submit early and specify show delivery.

An NCS customer service representative will be onsite at the Baltimore show to accept submissions and provide general information about our services. NCS conservators will be on-site at the ANA show to assist you with submissions. NCS will share a booth with its official grading service, NGC, at both shows.

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Tell Us How We Are Doing

We are always interested in feedback from our submitters, and many of you have already e-mailed us with valuable comments. In some cases, the comments we have received have been implemented into our operation and have improved our ability to meet your needs as dealers and collectors.

So whether it's positive feedback about a recent submission or suggestions about how we can improve the services we provide to you, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Shappell, NCS Customer Service Director, at

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