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March 2003  
1. NCS Coins on Teletrade
2. Important: NCS Rate Changes
3. Submission Tip: Send Colonials Through NCS Certification



March 20-23
ANA National Money Show

Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, NC

April 3-5
Santa Clara Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo

Santa Clara Convention Center
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April 30-May 1

America's Center
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May 1-3
Central States Show
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St.Louis, MO


NCS Coins on Teletrade

Responding to the popularity of NCS's Authentic Only and Details Graded coins, Teletrade will feature NCS-graded exclusive auctions on a regular basis in its new "Sunday Collector Auctions."

Teletrade, the leader in internet auctions, is now accepting consignments of NCS certified coins for the inaugural auction which will be held on April 27, 2003. Consignments will be accepted for this auction until April 5. Coins already certified by NCS can be consigned to Teletrade by submitting them to: NCS c/o Teletrade at 27 Main Street, Kingston, NY 12401.

To have coins certified by NCS and subsequently consigned to Teletrade, use the Teletrade submission form and send the coins to Teletrade c/o NCS at PO Box 4760, Sarasota, FL 34230. Submission forms can be found at

"We are very pleased that Teletrade is responding to the popularity of NCS certified coins by holding NCS-graded auctions on a regular basis," says Brian Silliman, Assistant Director of Operations for NCS. "Demand for NCS certified coins has grown exponentially since we started offering both the Authentic Only and Details Graded services. Teletrade is providing a great venue for collectors and dealers to trade coins that we have certified."

Fees to submit raw coins for NCS certification and subsequent Teletrade consignment start at $6 per coin. Teletrade does not require that the submitter send money with the coins; rather they will deduct grading fees from the sale proceeds.

For more information and submission forms, please refer to as well as

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Important: NCS Rate Changes

Effective April 1, 2003, certain NCS submission fees will be adjusted.

NCS has only made adjustments to the fee schedule for a few of the most popular services. The evaluation fee and conservation fees will remain the same with exception of the minimum conservation fee, which has been raised from $5 to $10. The percentage of value will remain the same for both evaluation and conservation.

The Conservation Report service option is now $75 per coin.

While Details Grading fees will not change, the Authentication fees have been adjusted slightly.

Only the following fees will change on April 1.

Conservation 1.5% of declared value/$10 minimum fee
Conservation Report Increased to $75 per coin
Authentication Fees Fee per coin Value per coin
  $10 Up to $500
$15 $501-2,500
$20 $2,501-5,000
$25 $5,001-10,000
$35 $10,001-25,000
$40 Over $25,000

NCS will honor current submission fees for all submissions postmarked prior to April 1, 2003. Submitters can continue to use the old submission forms or request new forms by calling NCS customer service at 866-627-2646 or by e-mail at

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Submission Tip: Send Colonials Through NCS Certification

Judging the condition of American colonial coins can be difficult. It is often hard to tell with any certainty which coins will grade at NGC or be returned in a "body bag."

By submitting your colonials through NCS certification, we will prescreen your coins ensuring only those that will grade at NGC are submitted to them, saving you valuable grading fees. Any coin not suitable for NGC grading will be certified by NCS, while non-problem coins will be transferred to NGC on your behalf.

Submitting colonials to NCS ensures all of your genuine coins are certified by NGC or NCS, saving you time and money.

For more information on submitting coins to NCS, contact NCS customer service.

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