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September 2003  
1. NCS Simplifies Fee Structure
2. NCS Adds Photo-Certification Service



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NCS Simplifies Fee Structure

Effective September 15, 2003, in an effort to simplify and standardize submissions, NCS will be changing its fee structure. The evaluation fee will remain the same. The conservation fee will now be a flat fee of 2% for coins valued up to $25,000 and 3% for those above $25,000 (with a $10 minimum). Grade protection is included as part of the conservation fee resulting in a lower overall fee. Details of our new fees are as follows:

Conservation Services:
Evaluation 1% of declared value* with a $5 minimum fee.
Conservation 2% for coins valued up to $25,000 with a $10 minimum and 3% for coins valued over $25,000.
Fees include Grade Protection* for certified coins.

* Declared value MUST represent fair market value and NCS reserves the right to make adjustments for under-valued items. Grade protection only applies to certified coins submitted by NCS to its approved grading service.
NCS is also making changes to its certification services. This includes the introduction of a photo-certificate program for items that are too large for the standard encapsulation and digital imaging as well as a variety attribution fee.

NCS Certification Service options:Photo Certification
1. Photo-certification $35 per coin (Authentication fees included)
1.Variety attribution additional $7 per coin attributed.
2. Digital coin photography (estimate available)
Please note that new revised submission forms are forthcoming. Old forms may be used until that time, but will be subject to the new fees and services effective September 15, 2003.
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NCS Adds Photo-Certification Service

NCS now offers photo-certification for coins, tokens and medals that are too large for standard encapsulation. Items will be certified as genuine with complete attribution. Photo-certification is charged at a flat rate fee of $35 per item.

The Photo-certificate consists of a 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" laminated, color digital image of the item's obverse and reverse with NCS label with description and complete attribution of the item.

This service is designed for items that are too large for the standard NCS encapsulation such as odd-sized error coins and large medals.

Check the NCS Web site for images of the Photo-certificate over the coming weeks at

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  Photo Certification

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