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Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
June/July 2005  
1. Coins of the Month
2. NCS Certifies Mohawk Valley Hoard
3. NGC and NCS Internship for Aspiring Numismatists
4. Submitter's Corner
5. NCS Named the Official Conservation Service of the PNG



June 30 - July 1
New York Invitational Show

Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Station
New York, NY

July 20-24
Santa Clara Expo "Pre" Show

Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA

July 26

Moscone West Convention Center
San Francisco, CA

July 26-31
ANA World's Fair of Money

Moscone West Convention Center
San Francisco, CA

Coins of the Month
Conservation: 5075996-001

More than two centuries of improper storage had taken their toll on this British specimen Crown of 1764. Many residues were obscuring the reflective fields and devices of this noble British coin. A thick deposit of these residues can be seen on the lower left corner of the reverse. Once conservation had been completed, the coin was once again left with brilliant surfaces stable for long-term storage and appreciation for generations to come. The coin was graded NGC PF 62 before conservation and NGC PF 63 after conservation.

Coin of the month before
Coin of the month before

EncapsulatedEncapsulation: 5066948-001

NCS certification is a great way to ensure that your coin is the real deal when grading by a major service is not possible. The higher prices offered for certain key date and mint coins have unfortunately led to unscrupulous individuals to create fake and altered versions. Coins with surface problems, such as this 1916 D dime, can not be graded by the major grading services such as NGC but can be authenticated through NCS encapsulation. Contact NCS Customer Service to find out how your coins may benefit from NCS certification.

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NGC and NCS Internship for Aspiring Numismatists

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and Numismatic Conservation Services are continuing their comprehensive numismatic internship program at their headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. Applications are now being accepted for positions available this summer.

Interns work along side some of the most knowledgeable and experienced numismatists in the hobby. Available positions include work in authentication, variety attribution, grading, conservation, digital imaging, research, submission management and encapsulation of U.S. and World coins, including tokens, medals and colonial coinage.

Rick Montgomery, NGC President and Senior Grader, comments on this opportunity: "This internship will foster the development of skills that would normally take years if not decades to acquire."

NGC and NCS will provide a stipend and lodging as well as transportation to and from Sarasota if needed. Applicants should be at least 18 years of age by the start of the internship and have a background and interest in numismatics as a career.

To accommodate more applicants and their varied schedules, this position is offered during the summer or fall of this year. Its duration may also vary in accordance with academic scheduling. Successful candidates may also have the opportunity to attend one of the major coin shows that NGC and NCS attend.

To apply, candidates must send a resume and a letter describing their numismatic background, interests and goals to Certified Collectibles Group, Attn: Scott Schechter, P.O. Box, 4776, Sarasota, Florida, 34230, or by fax to (941) 360-2553, or by e-mail to

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NCS Certifies Mohawk Valley Hoard

Mohawk Valley HoardNCS has recently encapsulated the Mohawk Valley Hoard in NCS Genuine holders. This hoard was found near Albany New York buried in the ground. The hoard had existed only in legend until it was recently discovered with the help of metal detectors. The hoard contains bust half dollars as well as a significant number of bust quarters. Spanish Colonial pieces consisting primarily of 2 Real coins were also discovered. While it is not known when the coins were buried, the most recent date on any coin in the hoard is 1842. The coins were discovered in rows and may offer a glimpse into the silver coins in circulation in the first third of the 19th century.

Mohawk Valley HoardThe coins appear to be intentionally marked by those who buried the hoard. Notches were punched into the coins either along the top edge of the coins or in the center of the coin often in front of the portrait always on the obverse of the coin. These marks, along with environmental damage to some of the pieces, would prevent the hoard from being certified by a major grading service such as NGC. It is speculated that these marks were made so that the owner would know the hoard was found should coins with such marks begin appearing in circulation.

All coins in the hoard have been encapsulated under NCS Genuine Only service. There is no mention of the grade of the details on the label. Each half dollar is fully attributed with Overton numbers according to Variety Plus standards and the quarters have been attributed according the Browning reference. The Spanish Colonial pieces have been fully attributed according to date, mint, and assayer initials. All coins have the pedigree "Mohawk Valley Hoard" listed in the coin's description.

For more information on the Mohawk Valley Hoard, visit the Web site of the submitter of the coins at For more information on NCS Genuine encapsulation or Variety Plus service, visit the NCS Web site at

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Submitter's Corner

If your coins are not already certified, please submit your coins in hard flips rather than cardboard 2x2s or other alternative holders. Submitting coins in other holders can lead to long delays in the processing of your coins.

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NCS Named the Official Conservation Service of the PNG

Numismatic Conservation Service (NCS) has been named the official conservation service of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG). This relationship raises awareness of and reinforces the role of professional conservation in numismatics.

The PNG is a nonprofit organization comprised of the world's top rare coin and paper money experts. As numismatic professionals, their primary mission is to make the hobby safe for collectors and investors by maintaining rigid standards of excellence for their member dealers. The average PNG dealer has more than 25 years of experience.

NCS is the only professional service of its kind dedicated to conserving numismatic property. Staffed by professional numismatists with decades of experience, NCS conservators provide sophisticated and targeted treatment to improve the surface stability and appearance of coins, medals, and tokens.

Executive Director of the PNG, Robert Brueggeman, addresses the need for professional conservation in numismatics: "The PNG has recently adopted NCS as its only recommended professional conservation organization. When a painting is in need of conservation we turn to the professionals in that industry, when a coin is in need of conservation we turn to NCS. The PNG looks forward to a continuing successful relationship, where our member dealers utilize NCS to conserve their coins, eliminating the risk involved in improper techniques."

The President of NCS, Dave Camire, suggests that this arrangement will enable NCS to better fulfill its primary mission. "This latest endorsement will help spread awareness for conservation and ultimately help to assure better long-term care of our numismatic treasures for the years to come. We look forward to assisting the fine group of dealers of the PNG to achieve this goal."

In addition, Steve Eichenbaum, CEO of NCS, commented: "NCS is very proud to have received this stamp of approval from the most respected dealer organization in the industry. It reflects a mutual commitment to service and integrity in the rare coin industry."

NCS accepts all raw and certified coins, tokens and medals for conservation, and does not do repairs or mechanical alterations of any kind. To obtain a submission form or for more information, contact Numismatic Conservation Service directly at 1-866-NCS-COIN (866-627-2646) or e-mail For more information on numismatic conservation please visit NCS's Web site at

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