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August 2002  
1. NCS in the News
2. NCS Certification — September 1st
3. NCS is Hiring Again
4. Long Beach, September 2002



September 26-28
Long Beach Expo

Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, CA


NCS in the News

Several articles hit the presses last month featuring NCS. The first article about NCS and professional numismatic conservation appeared in the July 30th issue of Numismatic News and the second appeared in the August 9th issue of The Coin Dealer Newsletter Monthly Supplement.

"We are very pleased with the recent press we have received and the interest in the service from major trade publications," says Camire. "While many dealers and collectors are using the service, many more are still unclear about what conservation is and how it can be of benefit to the hobby. These articles, as well as others that will be published in the near future, will help remedy the few misconceptions that still exist about professional numismatic conservation."

The Numismatic News article provided information about conservation and why coins are so susceptible to corrosion due to improper storage and mishandling and how the professional conservator can address some of these issues. The CDN feature offered a more in depth exploration of professional conservation and its standards and practices.

"Even though we have been very forthcoming with members of the hobby about our conservation process, its purposes, benefits and high standards, many misconceptions still exist," says Brian Silliman of NCS. "These articles show a strong interest on the part of certain publications to help educate hobbyists by disseminating useful and accurate information."

NCS is already preparing additional informative articles that will be published by various hobby publications and on the NCS website, in a special reference section.

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NCS Certification — September 1st

NCS had prototypes of its encapsulation on display at the ANA New York convention and will begin accepting submissions and encapsulating coins September 1st.

"The dealers and collectors that saw the prototypes, were extremely positive about its design and our plan to encapsulate problem and "no grade" coins with a details grade but no net grade," says Brian Silliman. "The response to offering an authentication and encapsulation only service level was also very good. Based on the response so far, we anticipate this program to be very popular.

This encapsulation will be used for coins submitted for grading after conservation that are not suitable for certification by NGC as non-problem coins. The encapsulation will also be used for direct submissions to NCS for its problem coin certification and the Authentication Only service levels.

For more information about or to request submission forms for NCS’s Details Grading and Authentication Only service levels, contact NCS customer service. These additional services begin September 1st, 2002. New submission forms for conservation and certification can be requested by contacting NCS customer services at
866-NCS-COIN or by email at

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NCS is Hiring Again

Demand for NCS has been so strong that once again we are in need of additional staff for submission management, conservation and authentication and grading.

We are looking for a "numismatically minded" individual who is seeking to advance in the field of numismatics. Candidates should posses an interest and background in numismatics, have strong organizational and communication skills. Numismatic background should include authentication, grading, variety attribution and a broad knowledge of coins, tokens and medals. Conservation experience is a plus, but since NCS has developed its own techniques, intensive training will be provided.

This is a full-time position and will require relocating to Sarasota, Florida. NCS offers a comprehensive and competitive salary and benefits package. Successful candidate will need to pass background security checks.

If you think you are the right person for the challenge, send a letter of interest and resume to Brian Silliman at NCS, PO Box 4750, Sarasota, FL 34230; by fax to 719-360-2559; or to

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Long Beach Show,
September 2002

Long Beach is only about a month away, so now is a good time to get ready by sending your coins to NCS.

Prior to shows, NCS experiences a dramatic increase in the number of submissions for conservation. To be sure your coins are conserved and graded in time for Long Beach we highly recommend submitting them now.

An NCS representative will be at the Long Beach show to answer your questions, accept submissions and prescreen conservation candidates. NCS will be sharing a table with NGC.

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