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December 2002  
1. Get Ready For F.U.N.
2. Conservation Pre-Screen at F.U.N.
3. NCS Online Continues to Grow
4. NCS Details Grade Gaining Popularity



January 8-11
Florida United Numismatist "FUN"

Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL

January 23-25
Money Show of the Southwest

Greenspoint Expo Center
Houston, TX


Get Ready For F.U.N.

December is a hectic month for most of us, with the holidays and traveling, but don't forget that before you have a chance to relax after the holiday and recover from New Year festivities, it will be time for the F.U.N. show.

With that in mind, this is the best time to send coins to NCS for conservation. To save you additional hassle, NCS will deliver your completed submission to the F.U.N. show. Be sure to request show delivery and specify the F.U.N show on your submission form.

The F.U.N. show will be held Jan. 8-11 at the Orange Country Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

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Conservation Pre-Screen at F.U.N.

NCS representatives will attend the F.U.N. show and be available to review your coins for possible conservation at your table or the NGC table.

"Show pre-screening of possible submissions has been a very popular 'free' service," says David J. Camire, NCS director of operations. "Many collectors and dealers regularly request that an NCS representative review their coins to determine which coins are the most suitable to submit."

Dealers interested in having an NCS representative come to their tables should stop by the NGC booth during the first couple days of the show. Collectors and dealers who do not have a booth at the show can stop by the NGC table at any time to meet with an NCS representative.

In addition to the pre-screen service, NCS will also accept submissions at the NGC table through the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 10.

"We anticipate receiving a significant number of submissions on Saturday, as dealers submit many new show purchases for conservation and grading to get ready for the February Long Beach Expo," says Brian Silliman, conservator and NCS assistant director of operations. "Many of these dealers also request we deliver the completed submission to the Long Beach show."

NCS will be sharing a booth at the F.U.N show with its affiliated Certified Collectibles Group company, NGC.

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NCS Online Continues to Grow

As promised, we have been adding material to the NCS Web site. Recent changes include expansion of the Before and After Gallery and the addition of a reference section.

The Before and After Gallery has grown to more than four pages of images. Among the before and after pictures are regular issues, patterns, proofs and business strikes in copper, nickel, silver and gold.

Information about the new Authentication and Details Grading services has also been added, which includes photos of the NCS encapsulation process.

But perhaps the most useful addition is the News and Reference section. This part of the Web site includes press releases, past e-newsletters and informative articles about numismatic conservation by NCS technicians.

The NCS Web site can be reached at

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NCS Details Grade Gaining Popularity

With so many problem coins on the market that are still very collectible, NCS is seeing tremendous demand and market acceptance for its new Details Grade service.

By the end of the year, we anticipate having Details Graded over 5,000 coins in the first three months of offering the service. NCS Details Graded coins are becoming easy to find in dealers' cases, on the internet and in major auctions.

"We anticipated that this service would be very popular, and we have not been disappointed," says Brian Silliman. "In addition to increased conservation, authentication and details grading submissions, our dealer and collector submission network has grown tremendously."

For more information on NCS's Authentication and Encapsulation and Details Grading services, call NCS customer service or visit the Web site at

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NCS is the conservation service of choice of the ANA.

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