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November 2002  
1. NCS Details Grading for Problem Coins
2. NCS Authentication Service
3. Coin Show News: Baltimore & F.U.N.
4. Service Advisory: Submitting Raw Coins



November 21-24
Santa Clara Show
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA

January 8-11
Florida United Numismatist "FUN"

Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL

January 23-25
Money Show of the Southwest

Greenspoint Expo Center
Houston, TX


NCS Details Grading for Problem Coins

NCS began certifying problem coins on September 1, 2002, with a details grade and problem description, but no "net" grade. Since then, submissions have been strong and steadily increasing.

"We are very pleased with the response to the service as coins we have certified can be found in auctions, prominent dealers' cases at shows and even on eBay," says Brian Silliman, NCS assistant director of operations. "Dealers have long complained that the subjective 'net' grade usually assigned to a problem coin is not always representative of the coin's condition and negatively effects their ability to trade the coin. The NCS Details Grade, on the other hand, provides an accurate description of the coin and is easier to trade."

Problem coins can be submitted directly through the NCS Certification Service level on the submission form or as a service option after conservation. For more information, contact NCS customer service at 1.866.NCS.COIN.

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NCS Authentication Service

As reported in Numismatic News and Coin World, the American Numismatic Association's Authentication Bureau has been closed and no longer accepts submissions. NCS's Authentication Service, on the other hand, is going stronger than ever.

NCS started its Authentication and Encapsulation Service on September 1, 2002, in conjunction with its Details Grading Service for problem coins.

"Our Authentication and Encapsulation service fills an important void in the market place now that the ANA's Authentication Bureau has closed," says Brian Silliman. "Having two former ANA Authenticators on staff in addition to other highly skilled and experienced numismatists makes NCS uniquely qualified to offer a service like this."

Under this service, coins are authenticated and varieties are attributed. Then the coin is encapsulated as genuine. Coins can be submitted to this service directly, using the NCS Certification Service section of the submission form, or as a service option after conservation.

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Coin Show News: Baltimore & F.U.N.

The Baltimore show was an extremely strong show for NCS conservation, authentication and grading services. Submissions were strong and a lot of new dealers and collectors have signed up for the service. The new NCS encapsulation could be easily found in many cases on the bourse floor, and submissions are increasing for this service as well.

The January F.U.N. show is fast approaching, and now is a great time to send in coins so they're ready for trading at the show. If desired, submitters can request that coins be held for delivery at the F.U.N. show.

NCS representatives will be at the F.U.N. show to consult and take submissions. If you would like an NCS representative to meet with you at the show, we highly recommend making arrangements in advance.

For a list of shows NCS will be attending click here.

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Service Advisory: Submitting Raw Coins

About half of the coins received by NCS for conservation and then transferred to NGC for grading are raw coins. Unfortunately, many of these coins are not suitable for NGC grading due to pre-existing detrimental surface conditions that cannot be removed through conservation.

In most cases, these raw coins were previously improperly cleaned and have been re-toned or artificially toned to conceal their impaired surfaces. While NCS can address the re-toning or artificial toning that was applied to hide the underlying surface problem, we cannot "restore" the damaged surfaces so that the coins will grade at NGC.

In cases like these, NCS conservators will remove harmful residues and contaminants in order to stabilize the coins, but they still may not be suitable for grading by NGC. None of the procedures utilized by NCS will cause a coin to become a "no grade." All of the NCS conservation techniques are non-invasive and remove foreign material while preserving the original surfaces.

After all of the raw coins are conserved, NGC grades the entire submission. All coins that are not graded by NGC are returned to NCS where they are graded as problem coins and encapsulated. NGC grading fees are only applied to the coins graded by NGC. NGC-graded coins are returned by NGC, and the NCS-graded problem coins are returned by NCS.

For more information about submitting coins, contact NCS customer service at 1.866.NCS.COIN.

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How do I ship my coins for conservation? Click here to find out.

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NCS is the conservation service of choice of the ANA.

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