Conservation Showcase: 1984 China Speed Skating S10Y

Posted on 2/22/2012

A recent example from our conservation laboratory.

NCS Conservation Showcase NCS Conservation Showcase
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NCS Conservation Showcase NCS Conservation Showcase

The grade of a modern coin can easily be adversely affected by even the most miniscule amounts of residue. After years of improper storage in less-than optimum holders containing PVC or other volatile chemicals residues can form on the surface of a modern coin. Even original mint packaging can allow the formation of harmful residues that will cause a coin to not grade at its full potential. A special tier price for conserving modern coins of these residues, as subtle as they can sometimes be, has been created to help those coins 1970 to date grade their best. The special $22.50 per coin rate includes both any beneficial conservation work and grading with NGC.

This Proof 1984 silver 10 Yuan issued by the People’s Republic of China was recently submitted to NCS under the Modern Tier special. Featuring a speed skater in mid-race, this issue was created to honor the 1984 Winter Olympic Games held that year in Sarajevo. An astute numismatist realized that conservation could help this coin grade to an optimum level. The conservators at NCS were able to remove the brownish residues built up after years of improper storage with skill as to not create hairlines in the mirrored fields. Following conservation, this coin was able to grade at a higher level than it would have without removal of the residues.

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